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SEO using synonyms

On-Site SEO Optimization: Synonyms

Posted on April 21 2016 / In Search Engine Optimization, Web Site Design, Web Site Development / No Comments

On-page optimization for SEO is critical to getting high search rankings and quality traffic. Traditionally SEOs recommended having laser-focused messaging on pages designed specifically for your top keywords, and this meant repeating the keyword in the H1 tag, H2 tags, alt tags, meta tags and within the first few paragraphs of the body copy. However, with Google’s algorithm changes this can begin to look “artificial,” potentially leading to a Google over-optimization penalty.

Major search engines now understand synonyms, so it’s time to take a more natural approach to copywriting. Yes, you still want to identify your keywords and build your pages so that the content is focused on key concepts. But pages should now include more natural variations of your keyword(s) throughout. Use a tool like Google AdWords to find related concepts and work those naturally into your articles or blog posts. This will help search engines understand the page content and insure that you are ranking for a wide variety of searches.

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By Robin Danek

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