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Local SEO

Posted on September 23 2015 / In Authority Marketing, Location Based Advertising, Search Engine Optimization / No Comments

Is your business dependent upon local or regional customers? If so, is your store, office or organization properly setup in search engines and local directories to appear in local search results? If not, or if you don’t know, you may be missing a significant opportunity.

Search engines are getting smarter when it comes to knowing where searchers are geographically located. And, if a search is for a local service, search engines give preference to local results. Below is a screen shot taken from Google for a search for “flowers.” Note that there are three local businesses in the first organic result (shown just beneath paid ads).

Local SEO Experts
Local Search Result Example

Getting to this “3-pack” of local results requires that your business profile be complete and up to date at all of the search engines and that your information is consistent across all search engines, local directories (like and websites. This can be a monumental undertaking if you try to do this manually. Fortunately, CIM has some sophisticated tools to enable us to setup and maintain local search listings with major search engines and directories.

If you’re a local business, contact CIM today to discuss how we can get your company organized in local search.

By Robin Danek

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