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Changing the Face of Marketing, Literally

Posted on April 15 2014 / In Advertising, Authority Marketing, CIM News, Email Marketing / No Comments

Google’s tabbing functionality has been the driving force of experimenting with new ways of presenting commercial emails to users and presenting ads in Gmail. Now, the “visual web” is coming to email with Google’s latest grid view in the Gmail Promotions tab — allowing for “pin-like” viewing ability and categorizing — where the image is first priority and the offer second.

This new field trial brings much more visual excitement to Gmail, allowing for infinite scrolling and the ability to switch between the visual and standard view with one click. Not only is the new Promotions tab interesting, it’s useful. The tab allows users to keep clutter out of their main box/Primary tab, separating promotions from actual emails. Also, the grid view allows for quicker and easier scanning — a more efficient way to get to what you are really interested in.

Currently, the new Promotions tab is only available to English users with addresses. If you’d like to sign up for this field trial, click HERE.


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