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Marketing Automation – Make Online Marketing Pay

Posted on January 19 2016 / In Authority Marketing, Marketing Automation / No Comments

Companies that have adopted marketing automation are seeing a wide variety of benefits, from increased leads to shortened sales cycles. CIM has helped a number of small to mid-size businesses make the most of their dollar with marketing automation. Here’s what’s important.

Know your customer. Marketing automation can help you know who is coming to your website and what they’re looking for. Pages of the website can be flagged as “important” and visitors can be “scored” based on the content they view.

The right message at the right time. Because user behavior is key to marketing automation, you can deliver copy to prospects based upon what content they visit at your website.

Hands-off lead nurturing. What leads are the hottest, the most likely to buy? Lead nurturing and lead scoring enable your sales team to know where to spend their time and energy.

Close more sales. Lead scoring tells you when prospects are ready to buy, so sales teams can focus on working with those customers who are likely to purchase.

Demonstrate ROI. Sophisticated campaign tracking lets you know which marketing efforts are paying off in leads and sales, not just website clicks.

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By Robin Danek

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